Who am i really? 

  • I'm a fan of spontaneous dance parties and random cartwheels.
  • I love to swing and can't get enough of roller coasters.
  • My favorite smells include new books, the air before a good rain, and fresh pineapple. 
  • I played the violin for 10 years. 
  • I have two master's degrees, one in Environmental Science, and one in Secondary Science Education (more like 1.8... almost done with this one)
  • I have visited 6 continents .... Australia is my last one!
  • I'm a thrill seeker: I've climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, been skydiving, worked in the backcountry of Yellowstone, and trekked in Antarctica.
  • My love for traveling to, discovering, and photographing new places and people is only growing stronger.


I was born and raised in Massachusetts and grew up with a love for all art, especially photography. My first Black & White Photography course was in high school, and I also attended the Santa Fe Photography Workshops for a summer. Travel and environmental photography were my first loves and I was fortunate enough to study abroad in London, Costa Rica, Antarctica, Tanzania, and China.

Now I love photographing families weddings- documenting moments, emotions, and creating magic in the everyday. 


My love for photography began over 15 years ago in a Black & White film photography class in high school. I remember our first assignment (to photograph anything) brought me to our local cemetery, and there I was for about 10 minutes lying on my back at the base of a tree making sure the lighting was perfect, composition was good, and metering was spot on. I was looking up at this tree, composing this photograph- no one else has ever seen, or will see this tree in exactly the same way from exactly the same angle. I was capturing a single moment, totally unique, and impossible to replicate -- wow. 

Learning photography on a film camera trained me to not waste any shots, and I made sure to try and nail exposure and composition every time. Now that I mainly shoot with my digital SLR, I still try to take purposeful shot (this really helps when editing photos!).

While still in high school I attended the Santa Fe Workshops one summer where I  got even more practice photographing, and developing film and prints. It was there that I really played with natural instinct and a creative eye to develop my own aesthetic. One of my most exciting moments was capturing a distant lighting bolt in a storm approaching (my last name means lightning in French!). 

In college I minored in Photography and studied photography and photojournalism in Tanzania and Antarctica. Studying Environmental Science and traveling the world really instilled in me a deep appreciation for Earth's people and places. Conservation, wildlife, and travel photography really started to become my passion. I believe that film and photography can change the world, our views, and society (Yellowstone National Park was largely created because of the photographs by William Henry Jackson). 

Along with black & white film and color photography, I love shooting with Holga and home-made pinhole cameras. As my final project in college, I went back to a cemetery and used a Holga camera to produce an eerie yet peaceful collection of sepia toned prints. The imperfect and rustic images you get from Holga and pinhole cameras is really appealing to me. 

When I am not traveling the world, I photograph locally (but that could be anywhere as our family loves to travel throughout the U.S.)- portrait sessions, weddings and engagements, pregnancy and newborn photos, and anything in between. 

I LOVE art, light, lines, shape, and color -- for any subject that I photograph I strive to create art. I truly love to draw with light.