lydia leclair photography

I see love, beauty, and magic all around me - in life and in people- and I try to convey that through my images.
— Lydia Leclair Photography

My Life's purpose 

  • Spread joy (photographing families and children)

  • Empower Women (photographing makeover glamour and makeover sessions)

  • Give back (donating to local organizations)

Having studied both art and environmental science my whole life, I strive to offer high quality products from companies who also value sustainability, and take steps to create minimal impact on our planet. 

Photo credit: Leyla Cadabal Photography

Photo credit: Leyla Cadabal Photography

awards and achievements 

  • I'm a fan of spontaneous dance parties and random cartwheels.

  • I love to swing and can't get enough of roller coasters.

  • My favorite smells include new books, the air before a good rain, and fresh pineapple.

  • I'm a thrill seeker: I've climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, been skydiving, worked in the backcountry of Yellowstone, and trekked in Antarctica.