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After working with Lydia for only a few short months my business has been completely transformed. Lydia helped teach me pricing that’s easy to understand and sell to clients, that makes everyone happy, as well as increase my average sale. I was fearful that my market couldn’t support some of these new changes but after working with Lydia I was able to understand the level of service that I’m providing for my clients is highly desired by busy professionals who appreciate my level of service. I can’t say enough good things about the knowledge and patience Lydia had while working with me grow my business. Her experience and expertise is this field is mind blowing. My business is up 50% year to date.” Thanks, Lydia!!!!! ~ Helen S.
— Helen S.

Are you tired of working you butt off with little to no return?

Are you sick of clients not respecting you and valuing your services and work?

Are you confused as to which products to offer?

Are you getting stressed out trying to figure what to charge for your products?

Are you getting stressed and overwhelmed during the ordering session?

Are you trying to switch from shoot-and-burn to IPS (in person sales)?

Working with a mentor is the fastest way to make leaps and bounds in your business. It’s the beginning of the year and it’s time to get organized! Start the year off right- ask your pressing questions, and get set up to be productive and profitable. Choose from any of the topics below, or tell me what you most need help with! You will fill out an initial intake form so that our time together is targeted and efficient.


  • Marketing Marketing Marketing!

  • Personal and business mindset

  • IPS (in person sales) - switching to or fine tuning IPS

  • Increase sales average

  • Products and pricing

  • Partnerships

  • Business branding

  • Website critique / image critique

  • Create your business plan for 2019

  • Create your marketing plan for 2019

What I’m brining home is just not worth it. I’m running myself ragged and I’m exhausted. In person sales is something that I’ve really wanted to do, but I haven’t had the push- I haven’t had the motivation. I just didn’t think I could make it work! I felt super lost. Lydia has been a godsend... she’s really patient and she is constantly mentoring me and helping me every step of the way to get there. She helped me restructure my website in order to guide clients to know I am doing In Person Sales. I’m starting to get my life back, which is awesome! Thank you so much Lydia, I don’t know what I would do without you; if I hadn’t met you I would have probably stuck with digitals because I was just so scared- fear is a huge part and it can run your life. I really needed the encouragement, and Lydia was there to give it to me. Any question I have she’ll answer it... she wants everyone else to excel. Thank you Lydia, I couldn’t be more grateful!
— Alisa F. Photography

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